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Reagan Elementary Parents

15% Off

Norman Public Schools are shutting down the French program at Reagan and FALC is offering 15% off our regular costs for these families.  If you would like your child to continue their French learning please contact us.

Because life doesn't have borders.


Our Mission

FALC makes improving understanding between people of different cultures our mission. Our motto, "Life Doesn't Have Borders," makes it clear why we have chosen this mission. If you think FALC is getting the job done, then please give us a shout out by sending us an email to

After School Programs for Kids Important

This article by The Norman Transcript tells about an important resource for parents. It is the local Afterschool Program and is necessary for many working parents. FALC provides cultural classes for afterschool programs as one of our many programs. If you need cultural classes, language classes, or dance classes, for an afterschool program contact us for more information.


FALC in the news

Hurray, Yolande's FALC story can be seen in the June 21st 2008 Norman Transcript! The story can found at this link:

story online



United Nations UN

Yolande took a short break in teaching language at FALC this last week to travel to Geneva Switzerland.  She was asked to do document translation and transcription at a UN conference.  She will do some additional UN work next year, but in New York City next time. 

Ho Ho Ho a Learning we will go.

Christmas is coming and a gift of language will last beyond the season.  FALC offers several language and options for learning so, contact us for a gift for that special person or yourself or both.  We will offer a holiday 15 percent off special from now through December 31st.


The French & African Language & Culture Center (FALC) offers foreign language and culture instruction for students of all ages and skill levels. We provide educational services by teaching languages and explaining cultures, interpreting services, translating documents. It is where one finds the answer not only to communicate with a population of another country where English is not the first language, but also have the phrase to approach and welcome Immigrants and visitors coming to the United States of America and vice versa.

"The Fun and Easy Way"

  • Specializing in: Teaching Languages, Translation and Interpreting services
  • Languages: English as a second language, French, Kikongo, Kimbala, Kipindi, Lingala, Swahili
  • Culture: Cuisine, Couture-Attire, Hair Braiding, Music, Dance, and Story telling
  • Daycare from one year old into first grade of elementory. 

FALC advantage

  • Offers lessons in private or small groups.
  • Makes learning a relaxed, rewarding and fun experience.
  • Welcomes students of all ages and all skill levels.
  • Tailors the training to your schedule.
  • Is centrally located in Norman, Oklahoma.
  • Is affordable. Call us for a competitive quote.

Tailored to your schedule

The French & African Language & Culture Center offers a flexible schedule of group and individual classes including:

  • Groups of adults or children classes during the day or evening.
  • Private lessons in your home.
  • Children's French programs before and after school.
  • Corporate training at your site.
  • Other arrangements that work best for you. Call us to match your preferences and for more information. Do not hesitate to inform us of any accommodation.

The French & African Language & Culture Center

The fact that we all interact with different people from all over the World, we all need the FALC. Educational institutions, social services, churches, health services, legal services, and families all have reasons to work with the French & African Language & Culture Center (FALC) for tutoring, interpreting, translating, explaining and exchanging different ideas, cultures, and their different ways of living.

Is it not true that it makes life easier when you can communicate with anybody from every where? Is not true that Languages and Cultures are the primary key to understand each other?

FALC provides teaching programs for any level and for every one; languages lessons, and many features of cultures for kids, teenagers and adults. 

We make sure that every single second spent at the FALC counts and our students step out with a lesson they can use right away. After learning a specific foreign language our students should be able to communicate in the language of a foreign country. Knowing how to talk to other people is very important especially when visiting overseas.

We are located at:

French & African Language & Culture Center
100 Alameda Plaza
Norman, OK 73071-2158
Phone: 405.217.4071